What we do

We serve mainly the Construction industry both

Prior to Start, during Execution and Post Contract.

We serve both Contractors and Developers / Employers

without jeopardizing the Client Confidentiality Agreement


A typical timeframe of Services provided is shown below:

Tasks for the above services, by Phase, include but not limited to the following:

Pre Contract

Schedule preparation and reviews
Establish Budgets / integration with the Schedule
Recommend and establish Document Management System
Procedures write up and develop Forms and Reports
Establish codification for time, cost and document management
Establish interactive workflows with procedures
Due Diligence Report on contract to assess risks
Develop Forms for Project monitoring (Risk and Notifications Logs)
Establish Procurement process and monitoring
Training in planning and cost management
Integration with ERP and Accounting systems
Develop RFP’s for Contracts and Sub contracts
Assist in reviews and evaluation of contractors
Assist in Contract negotiations

Contract/ Construction

Planning and Forensic Support (Prospective and Retrospective)
Cost and Budget (Leveling and Forecast)
Stablish and Monitor Change management process
Weekly monitoring of Issues and Risks
Claims Prevention Tasks (Contractual Compliance)
Development of Extension of Time – Prolongation Claims
Development of Disruption Claims
Development of Financial Claims
Establish Subcontractor Management process and monitor
Establish Alerts on overruns on Time and Cost and monitor
Establish collaboration through weekly meetings
Due Diligence analysis on time and cost
Support and rebuttal in Contractual and Commercial issues
Rebuttal Engineer’s determination on submitted claims
Integration of Schedule and BIM Design for visualization of issues
Audit the databases for correctness and accuracy of data
Audit Schedule with productivity principles to ensure correctness of data
Quantity Surveying support tasks
Commercial management tasks
Develop Final Account and
Negotiation of variations

Post Contract

Due diligence on existing Claims (risk assessment)
Comparison of Contract vs Civil Code Risks
Dispute resolution alternatives methods
Expert witness services
Expert / Rebuttal Reports
Provide integration of claims with BIM
Develop 3D and 4D visualization of claims
Arbitration support services
Adjudication support services
Mediation support services
In house support for legal queries
Third Party (independent) review and determination